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What kind of person are you?

It's a cold snowy winter day and you decide to make some soup using a corn/rice chowder dried mix someone gave you as a present. So you make the soup, it smells pretty good, and as you take a teaspoon of soup to taste, there right at the very top is a nice plump larvae of a what is probably a warehouse grain beetle. Oops. After picking it out and having a look around for any more, and failing to see any, do you:
1. throw the whole pot of soup away anyways.
2. give the soup to your dog.
3. keep quiet about your discovery and feed it to your kids, while having a sandwich yourself.
4. go ahead and enjoy the soup, extra protein and all, so long as they aren't wriggling.


mr_subjunctive said...

Probably #4. I figure: 1) I've probably eaten plenty of them already without noticing, 2) for all I know there was only one to begin with, and I picked it out so that's not an issue, and 3) the soup's been heated, so it's as good as sterilized and should therefore be safe to eat.

Also #1 and #4 were my only options anyway: no kids, and Sheba's stomach is plenty touchy already without giving her food she's not accustomed to.

I'd only throw it out if the soup tasted funny or I found a second beetle.

Matt DiLeo said...

I like to make a big pot of food for my lunches each week. Last year, after setting aside several bowls of gumbo for the next couple days, I realized I needed some extra rice. Pulling the bowl out of the microwave, I found several dead adult weevils. Not wanting to waste the probably contaminated gumbo, I ate my lunches the rest of the week with my eye fixed well above the bowl. (ignorance being bliss and all)

Eric said...

So what's wrong with wriggling?

Joseph said...

Totally 4. I made a tomato sauce tonight with a fruit fly in it and didn't think twice about it.

Rosie said...

Definitely 4. Boil it a bit it'll be fine.

CelticRose said...

#1 for me. I wouldn't be able to eat a single bite without thinking about bugs. *shudder*