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Bryophyte week weird connection

El Conquistadores. Too busy this week to keep up with favorite blogs, or would have noticed that merstemi was also blogging about bryophytes, in this case, mosses or their like, as the conquerers of the terrestrial environment. Do we have some strange connection spanning decades and oceans? Probably would have noticed this earlier if my Italian was not worse then my Spanish, which is worse than my French, and the Phactor has no facility for language, unlike the colorful prose of meristemi. So there you go. Click on over and have a look.


Anonymous said...

So, it seems that we should share the schedule of our next posts :-) There will be some absitnhe, some red palm oil, some potatoes, some melatonin in plants and some weird alogenated plant secondary metabolites from this side of the pond in the foreseeable future! Maybe I'll add some tingling sichuan pepper too!

The Phytophactor said...

Nice buffet, but doesn't look like much of a matchup this week. Actually the idea that my blogs arise as anything but a moments inspiration is quite amusing. There is no plan, no schedule, no ideas, but something of a miracle just happens and a blog appears. That's the magic of it.