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Creating mythologies

One of the things the internet has done is connect previously isolated people with people who share their beliefs and viewpoints, no matter how far from the main stream they may be. The effect is empowering, and when coupled with perceived political success, fringier thinking comes out of the closet. Almost one hundred years ago, Bertrand Russell, wrote, "Individual passions, except in lunatics, produce only the germs of myths, perpetually neutralised by the indifference of others; but collective passions escape this corrective, and generate in time what appears like overwhelming evidence for wholly false beliefs." It's not that odd collective thinking didn't happen before, but it's just so much easier now, so much more prevalent now, so pervasive now. Aided and abetted by a non-descerning media, such mythologies when often repeated take on an undeserved and unmerited reality. And as a result, the majority of main stream thinkers, never having reason for organization before, finds itself wondering how to respond. HT to the Daily Doubter.

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