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Principle of limiting factors & kitchen cupboards

The Phactor is rather easily bored, so it is best to keep him busy, and what better activity for a snow/sick day than making some cookies. This is where the principle of the limiting factor comes into play: no chocolate chips (they were used up in making a truly decadent cranberry pecan tart) so no chocolate chip cookies, need molasses so ginger snaps (my Mother's recipe) are out too. So you begin seeking very simple recipes, and even then just made it under the wire (only 2 eggs in the house) for some snickerdoodles. That's how it goes sometimes, but generally the Phactors keep a pretty well stocked cupboard and pantry and freezer and wine cellar, so when intrigued by a recipe for worcestershire sauce and its many bits and pieces, everything needed was right on had. Oh, and do try this recipe, it's wonderful. But be warned you may never want store bought again. The ketchup and mustard recipes on the same page are pretty good too.

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Anonymous said...

Mrs Phactor and the f-1 both truly appreciated the snickerdoodles. Keep up the good work