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All Quiet on the Western Front

Eric, a new Phactor Phollower, comments, "I feel bad when I read your entries and see no comments." Ah yes, a quiet bunch of phollowers for certain. It is rather like giving lectures where none of your students ask any questions. They all understood perfectly? They have no curiosity or questions? They are intimidated by my imposing presence? They respond with perfect indifference? All probably true to some extent. It is true the Phactor has a lectury style and perhaps that is offputting. And who wants to be one of those blogs that invite endless and banal comments. The Phactor himself seldom comments on others' blogs because adding "right on" just doesn't seem much of a contribution, and so he harbors no hard feelings. Blogging is a bit like art, you do it for yourself as much as others, but it's always nice when some one appreciates what you do.
And Eric, thanks for the snow warning. 12" you say, already on the ground? It has begun to snow heavily, but as a pedestrian commuter (almost wrote commenter there, how funny!) the weather is not so daunting. But if found frozen in a snow drift, the Phactor will certainly regret writing that. Oklahoma is already under a state of emergency and given the kneebiters running that state, it's most appropriate. Lincolnland will just bribe someone to take the snow away, probably trucking it north to Cheddaronsin where it won't be noticed.


CelticRose said...

I read your blog every day, and appreciate your knowledge and wit. However, like yourself, I don't comment unless I have something to say. ;)

Laura Bloomsbury said...

I read all your posts and enjoy the knowledge and humour that you mingle and impart. Sometimes you venture into controversy and that makes a refreshing change. Always pick your posts too on Blotanical - a mostly silent admirer but have been known to comment

Jenn said...

Ha ha! Maybe we are all being good students and taking copious notes!

Mrs Phactor said...

I would guess that you get enough commentary from me over the dinner table. Mrs. Phactor