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Are you smarter than Bill O'Really?

Clearly a rhetorical question; you most certainly are. Yet of all the high profile conservative commentators, O'Really (this nickname derives from my general reaction to his conclusions), he seems by far the most intelligent. Ah, but when it comes to discussions of religion, he displays a contemptuous and willful ignorance that the Phactor has come to associate with true believers who without thinking think themselves rather smart. The Phactor once was challenged in a post-lecture question period. "Which came first the chicken or the egg? Answer that with evolution!" OK, the egg came first. A number of lineages evolved oogamy far before vertebrates ever appeared. But if you speak specifically of a chicken egg, then do you define "chicken egg" as one from which a chicken has emerged or one which has emerged from a chicken?" And answering that question will solve your problem. "You ask for questions, I give you a question you can't answer, and then I get ridiculed." Yes, well, actually the question was answered, and it's the kind of question that deserves to be ridiculed in that it was an intellectually dishonest question, it was meant to "put me in my place", and my response showed how ridiculous it was, and now you're upset. Sorry. Next. One of my failings is an absolute intolerance of willful ignorance. So how delightful when Starts With a Bang takes O'Really to school on his stoopid attempt to one-up an atheist with the old canard "explain this" which is nothing but a god of the gaps argument. And the cherry on top of the sundae is at the end of the post is the clip of Colbert "defending" his idol Papa Bear O'Really. Hey, we got a new contestant for are you smarter than a 3rd grader. And mostly this was written for all the "pinheads" (anyone who disagrees or criticizes O'Really) out there who actually think you can learn something, unlike O'Really. It is a national shame that this man can have such a following.

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