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Alma Mater doing what it does best - hockey

The Phactor graduated from SUNY Oswego a very long time ago, and in that part of the country the primary religion is ice hockey. The cathedral rink occupies a prominent location smack dab in the middle of the campus only slightly over shadowing the library. The SUNY campus is in a beautiful place, at least during the summer, when the Phactor was in a factory earning tuition, and a rather bleak place during the winter, but lovingly referred to as Tundra Tech. Here's a PR photo of the campus for prospective students (Hmm, my dorm room window isn't visible in this photo. Have to get that fixed.) and a clip from the campus web camera this AM. Notice the difference. Yes, that's Lake Ontario on the horizon where the gray water and sky come together beyond the ice. So for the many faithful who endure it is only fitting that the Lakers (LA who? Where's their lake?) would end their season ranked number 1 in NCAA Division III. And if you don't like hockey, well, as we used to say, go puck yourself.

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