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Snow Day - Sort of

Well, the university along with every other entity is the area has whimped out, scared by dire weather predictions, as they are scared by dire economic and social predictions, and declared a snow day. Of course if we really do get snow, then it's tomorrow that should be and will be cancelled. This is a great annoyance because Tuesday afternoon's lab is ready to go, now alternative arrangements will have to be made. So the Phactor just picks up on several ongoing projects and makes some progress on them. Writing a science book is quite a task especially because the field just doesn't stop and wait for you, and even when writing for a non-technical readership, you want things to be reasonably current, and worse, you make one change to accommodate new phylogenetic relationships among prokaryotes and it's like dominoes falling, and you have to change this too and then that and so on. So that's today's task; finding all the dominoes and fixing them up. But it requires changes to at least 2 figures, and that takes real time. At some point in time, it will be cut and run or truly this will be the never ending story. So here's a nice image symbolic of the weather, and something that the robins, who foolishly just arrived a week ago, from the north or from the south (?) will consume as soon as the ice melts.


William M. Connolley said...

I too never comment :-(

But its a nice pic. And I liked the toaster.

The Phytophactor said...

Do you like it enough to get one, try it, and send us a picture? Now that would be a great service to all!