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To booster or not to booster, that is the question.

 OK, officially TPP is a boomer.  And since experts say I should get a vaccine booster, then I shall.  TPP is quite fed up with people who aren't smart enough to know who to listen to and who to ignore.  The excuses given to avoid the vaccines do  not change my mind about thinking that the anti-vaxxers are not very smart.  Quite pathetic arguments on the whole.  Now TPP finds out that teachers and staff from our local grade school are taking the state to court because they are in a group mandated to get vaccinated.  Now of course they have already accepted a number of mandated vaccines (and some of us remember how grateful people were for a vaccine for polio), do what is the issue?  That they don't have a choice in the matter?  It isn't about YOU and your individual choice. it's a matter of public health. Need you be reminded that some 750,000 people have died of this covid.  And that millions of doses have been administered without and serious complications.  So get vaccinated already, or get fired TPP is tired of the whining and the masks.

first frost -Nov 2

This area got its first frost, and TPP picked green tomatoes from the garden on Nov. 1.  NOV. 1!

That's a good 2-3 weeks beyond when we usually have the first frost.  So until 10 days ago the gardens were pretty green.  Trees were not changing color because we hadn't had enough cool weather to stop the cholorphyll synthesis.  But with the first hard frost things changed dramatically, virtually overnight.  The image shown here is a Hydrangea 'endless summer" and it is flowering on new wood and it seldom does this because the new growth doesn't get old enough in time and the season runs out.  So here it is in late October and it looks great as a result of all the flowering.  Pretty pink for Nov. 1.  Sorry for being distracted of late.