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Recalculating, reconsidering, or maybe everyone says something good sometimes

Not a big fan of Ariana Huffington or the HuffPost; too little quality control. So never really cared much what Ariana thought about anything, particularly what she would do if queen of the world so imagine my surprise when she tromps all over media objectivity, the obsessive attempt to offer "fairness" in reporting to the point where rediculous ideas are equated to well considered opinions, where cranks are on equal footing with experts. Wow! Oh, but not satisfied with that, Queen Ariana would force people to disconnect from their constantly plugged in life style.
"Why? “Knowledge has three degrees,” wrote the third-century philosopher Plotinus, “opinion, science, illumination. The means or instrument of the first is sense; of the second, dialectic; of the third, intuition.” Our always-on culture has contributed much to the first two kinds of knowledge—science and opinion—but has in many ways taken us further away from our inner resources of wisdom. We need to pull the plug on our hyper-connectivity; to disconnect from all our devices in order to reconnect with ourselves." In other words take some time to think. The Phactor has been saying this to students for years that with their constant distractions and ever present audio inputs, they never take time to think, and it's a skill that must be practiced. If an idea or concept isn't immediately obvious as they look up from their smart phones, then you're a poor teacher. Not sure Darwin would have ever figured out anything if he'd had the internet and a cell phone. And maybe she wouldn't look too bad in a tiara.

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