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Stupor bowl prediction

The big problem is that this particular football game is over-hyped and therefore bound to disappoint, and as it comes at the end of a long season after a bit of a delay, quite often teams and players do not deliver peak performances. As neither a Steeler or Packer fan, the Phactor has no favorite in this contest. The reason for this is that both of these are real football teams. Football is a game that has its roots in the bad winter weather rust-belt of the upper midwest and northeast. So deciding which team to root for was simple: look at their industry and weather. Cheering for San Diego or Miami? You must be kidding! Now you see the problem: Green Bay - Pittsburgh; it's a tossup really. Cheese heads are cooler than Terrible Towels, but that's thin. Only in Green Bay would friends invite you out to dinner and then take you to a bowling alley for a perch fry. Maybe you do have to favor the Packers. Afterall what else could possibly shorten the winters and lift spirits in Green Bay? Well, there's bowling, and ice fishing for the perch to eat at the bowling alley. So being able to talk about one damned fine stupor bowl game for decades seems only fair.

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