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What controversy? Not an OK version.

Sally, Sally, Sally, what controversy are you talking about? In the interest of good science education an OK representative wants to protect teachers who wish to teach about the evolution controversy (and global warming among a few others), but where is it? Please be assured that the Phactor teachs about all manner of scientific controversies, where they exist, and being quite familiar with the evolutionary literature, he must ask, what controversy? Of course, there isn't one. This is the most recent thinly veiled attempt to permit religiously motivated cranks to present spurious objections to evolution, and any other science that conflicts with their political or religious ideology, in the name of quality education. And didn't we predict a flurry of such bills back a month ago? With such leadership and concern about quality science education how can the USA help but fall further and further down the list in terms science and math education. Hey, maybe we're climbing in religio-magic thinking in our race to role back the world a few centuries? But this is probably Un-'mercan.

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Check out this opinion about how the US is doing compared to other countries: