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How did we live without this? Printer-Toaster

While looking for a new gadget, this happened along, and the Phactor is astounded. How did we ever live without a printer-toaster? Humans have always been on a quest for materials upon which to make their impressions: cave walls, stones, clay tablets, animal hides, papyrus, paper, and now, finally, toast! This toaster connects to a USB port and you may enter designs or even news articles and have them printed on your toast! The applications seem endless. Imagine how many people will now be able to see Jesus' image on their piece of toast! It's a miracle OK. Oh, but what of us people who like PB and J on their toast? Guess you have to hold it upside down to read the news. Put you lovers' image on your toast; hmmm, they look good enough to eat! Your spouse could provide you with inspirational messages at lunch time, e.g., "Make some more money, honey." But it's never going to replace my laser jet. You know how much bread it would take to print a book manuscript?

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Alexa from office plants said...

I really like it. Very impressive toaster. Gotta buy one of that.

Thanks for the nice info here mate.