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Last day for loyal lap cat

 The Phactors have two pet cats who own this house.  The older one, a rescue cat, just turned 17 and it was like the meter had run out.  She just gradually slid into a gradual decline and she just has given up living, so we will have her put wo sleep later today so as not to force her to continue a weakened existence.  Her name was Magpie, Miss Maggie, she was a chocolate black with a little white, and a medium length thickish coat; she was my lap cat, and I miss her alreadys.  From 7 pm to 10 om each night she would be in TPP's lap or crunched in beside my leg, until it was time to go to bed.  Maggie was a housecat who did enjoy playing with the occasional house mouse.  She remained playful at times her whole life. This picutre shows her plumpish physique in a favorite place, between two kitchen windows on a window high bench.  Maggie had a big head and big forepaws, a broad chest, and slender hind quarters with small feet, as if put together out of spare parts, but she was quite agile, quite athletic.  But she lived a long, healthy life and enjoyed being a housecat; she was quite a lover of petting and people who did not necessarily love cats.