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It is truly annoying when someone trademarks a common term, phrase, or name. For example, anyone whose name begins with Mc (like all my inlaws) had better not get into the fast-food burger business and plan to use their name to label their product. And now the Dervaes' family of urban homesteading "fame"(Really? Never heard of them before.) trademarked urban homesteading and freedom garden and several more widely used terms that they certainly did not originate, but now apparently are using legal threats to protect "their" trademarks. For this reason, no link was provided, and this just goes to show you that even among gardeners you can have no-class low-life sods. This is shocking because most gardeners are decent enough people. It takes colossal chutzpah to claim common labels as your own, and this demonstrates something is wrong with the trademarking process.

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