Field of Science

Dear Lincolnland

Over 30 years ago, the Phactor entered into a contractual agreement with the state of Lincolnland and in return for my services certain benefits were my due. Mess with this and it will be war. Why does the Phactor deserve these benefits? Well, having earned a below average salary for over 30 years might be one reason, and for that the state got two and half months of free labor every year because out side of our 9 month annual contract, my pay came from grants, or the research and student training, my attendance at and participation in professional meetings, was all done gratis, to maintain and further my professional standing, and by extension my university and state. For over 30 years this academic bargain has been your faithful servant endeavoring to improve the institution of my employment by keeping its administrators honest, recruiting the best students, delivering the best educational opportunities circumstances allowed, initiating courses and programs, and the like. For all of this the Phactor has received several nice pieces of wall candy (awards, commendations), but if it's all right with you what this humble academic wants and deserves is his pension, every stinking nickel of it! And if the Phactor is to suddenly have a lot of retirement time on his hands, every damned minute of it will be focused on making life unbearable for the politicians and state administrators that jerked me around. So glad we understand each other, Lincolnland. Lincolnland?

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