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Sticks and stones can break my bones

Sticks and stones can certainly give me back pain. The dreariest part of a snow melt is seeing everything hidden and now left behind. With a yard full of large trees it's quite amazing to see how many limbs and twigs rain down over a 2.5 month period of winter. But a mild case of cabin fever sent the Phactor out to begin the spring cleanup, and having wrenched it a bit in an icy fall, my back is now complaining about the exercise of bending threatening spasm while moving limb to limb, a real pain. Took the younger cat out for exercise, on her long lead, and the rodents all took off when this inexperienced but enthusiastic and determined predator began making the rounds. She had a great time; squirrels and rabbits no so much. Off now to a wine tasting party, part of the endless socializing that occupies our leisure hours, don't you know. Ta.

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