Field of Science


What fox Mr. Knox? According to an insider at FOX "News" it's all a charade, a political propaganda organization who say "fair and balanced" with nary a fact check in sight. Well, duhhh! After all when Mr. Bluster, aka Bill O'Really is your intellectual shining light, your beacon of fairness and balance, still dizzy from spinning his ideological perspective, the bar is set very low. And of course this is exactly what people said would happen if a media mogul of a particular political bent decides to control the message. We seem to need a people's cooperative media with only one purpose, to report what is factually known while dismissing what is clearly crapola. Oh, no wonder the Tea Party wants to defund National Public Radio & TV. The biggest curmudgeon in my profession always used to say you need to have your crap detector turned on at all times. But it's getting hard to read or watch the news at all these days what with the red light blinking in my eyes.

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