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More unnatural blueness!

Blueness is coming out of the floral woodwork, or out of the dye bottle actually, which is clearly a crime against nature.  It was only the other day that the Phactor bemoaned the blueness of moth orchids, and the not so innocent scam: "Subsequent flowers may not be blue."  Now it's blue Anthuriums, and at Kew!  Well, there's only one thing to say, "O-BLUE-TERATE THEM!"  HT to PATSP. 

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Kraneia said...

I guess the idea that blue is one of the rarer colors of nature was enough to get folks to start fooling with it. This makes about as much sense as another disturbing trend: putting "tattoos" on small aquarium fish. Yes, you can get little betas with hearts on them, or whatever.

Proving once again, just because you *can*, doesn't mean you *should*.