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Got the blues?

There are things that may be bigger crimes against nature than artificial hybrid orchids, and blue-dyed white moth orchids are one of them.  OK, this really doesn't affect nature in any particular way because such exotic pets have no negative impact on nature; they're just a creepy, somewhat deceptive marketing device akin to getting a black cat only to have the dye wash out to reveal a white cat.  Oh, is that a neat idea!  Designer colored pets!  The idea of shockingly blue white orchid flowers is an idea that seems to have come from Alice in Wonderland where white roses get painted red to please the Queen of Hearts. It also reminds the Phactor of coloring white carnations by putting their cut stems in food-coloring dyes.  What will they think of next? 


mr_subjunctive said...

Thanks for the link, first of all.

I read your post about hybrid orchids while I was working on my post about dyed orchids, and found the two ideas resonated with one another. I'm working on a post about both, tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, though writing it has been sort of rough going so far. So maybe Wednesday.

The Phytophactor said...

Great minds think alike, or are they just desperate for blog topics?

Steve said...

I think you correctly described this "process" when you stated "creepy." I just can't get over the "blues."