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Isn't that nice, a bird feeder that really amuses your squirrels.  The inventor of the Twirl-a-squirrel is an early nominee for my person of the year.  Now can we get one that fits around plants?  Let's see, squirrel damage took the top out of a new varigated dogwood.  And a big sugar maple limb narrowly missed the kitchen window, a casualty of squirrel bark gnawing several years ago that left only a small strip of live bark and finally the limb broke at the point of damage.  However, in this video the squirrel seems to like it all too much.  Can you buy a fuel-injected super twirl-a-squirrel?  It's what the world needs.  Let's see does the Phactor have a birthday coming up? 


Eric said...

Our squirrels are creative gardeners, at least. Crocus, Erythronium, Trillium, and bulbous Iris, even Colchicum (apparently not giving the little beasts heart attacks) appear in unlikely and sometimes inspired spots. So if this ride gives them a thrill, maybe they've earned it.

Kraneia said...

A bit late, but a suggestion: take red pepper flakes and boil them in water...strain out the pepper bits and put the peppered water in a sprayer...spray what you want the squirrels to leave alone.

After a few nibbles, they'll take the hint.

...........They used to sell bird seed with pepper in it (The birds either can't taste the pepper or they like it), but the ASPCA I make my own... ;)