Field of Science

Sucrose therapy

Darwin day was not a great success this year in terms of numbers, although a great success with those who came.  Some students were a bit depressed and came for some major league sucrose therapy, and even considering the lack of clinical data, all that sugary frosting seemed to help.  A few curious ones looked through the considerable Darwin library that the Phactor has assembled over the years and several decided that, yeah, maybe they should read some Darwin.  The trouble it seems is that email is no longer a relevant form of communication among students; email is to be ignored along with newspapers, web sites, and bulletin board posters as if they were cave paintings.  And then a couple of smart-phone zombies wandered by both totally absorbed in the little screen before their nose as if to underscore their indifference to anything else. What would Darwin have done?  He's have a piece of cake with lots of frosting flowers. 

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