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Longevity & Booze

Good news, everyone!  Every now and again a scientific study reports something that really cheers the Phactor up, and a 20 year study of longevity and drinking habits found that moderate drinkers had a greater longevity than both heavy drinkers and abstainers.  How about that?  That glass of shiraz with your dinner not only tastes good, but you may live longer as a result.  More likely people of a moderate habit disposition live longer period, but why not just enjoy the fact that this study has handed you an excellent argument for a daily glass of wine.  Is there a wine grower's think tank out there that funds this type of research?  Inquiring minds want to know.  The young fellow in the office next door to me has claimed that a daily nip, or two, have increased the longevity of his research career which is in its 6th decade now.  His colleagues did have to get him to dial back the killer margaritas used to celebrate each publication a bit.  He was fine, but they were killing everyone else!

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Unknown said...

I wonder if it's something about the disposition of a moderate drinker that leads to longevity, rather than the drink itself.