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Botanical stalker-spammer

Oh, we plant lovers get a certain satisfaction from recognition, but at times it can get a bit creepy.  So what to make out of Steve Bowen, the recent stalker/spammer of plant bloggers?  Where does he fall on the continuum of clueless to evil schemer?  On one hand the Phactor is very supportive of people who want to educate people about plants, but Steve is a spammer, and his "message" has popped up in the comments of a number of plant-related blogs (Thanks to all my correspondents.).  He pitches an OK idea on the surface of it, although rather impractical, but he seems quite short on knowledge, know-how, and money, so apparently he really has little to offer.  So until he has something real to offer, he won't get any support from around here because at present he's also a scammer, seeking money via Kickstart for a pie-in-the-sky idea.  So watch your blog comments people  and set your spam filters to vaporize. 

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