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Flowering shrubs - the intelligent, tasteful, moral choice

"I feel quite comfortable saying that unless your garden is filled with flowering shrubs, your taste, intelligence, and probably your morals are highly suspect." So reads the advertisement that just arrived. Well, you'd have to be a real Ediot to argue with that!  And as a fellow who collects magnolias, flowering shrubs do get a lot of the Phactor's attention.  It's not as if you need another gardening reference book for your already overcrowded book shelf, but the Phactor does assure you that the Encyclopedia of Flowering Shrubs is a very good reference, and marked down to $35 it's a bargain.  Then you will be able to carefully consider where that Disanthus might be planted.  What? You don't know Disanthus?  Well!  Guess who needs this book?   File it right next to your Dirr.   What?  You don't have a Dirr, or worse you don't know who or what a Dirr is?  OK, put down the blog, show both hands, and step away slowly.  You are highly suspect!  

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Anonymous said...

Oh my, thank you!

I rented a house a few years ago with one of those in the garden. It was the leafcutter bees' favorite.

Hessayon was no help, but now I know!