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Just don't drink the water

“In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is strength, in water there is bacteria.”  David Auerbach, 2002.

Dear fellow imbibers, having once been chided for traveling with a small supply of bourbon, the Phactor explained it was strictly for medicinal purposes.  And it’s so good to know that my favorite excuse has more than an element of truth to it.  Once, a whole bus load of fellow travelers get a nasty wog from the local water that the Phactors avoided because one of us had stowed a couple of bottles of beer for quenching our thirst even be they not cold.  Now all those cases of cholera and diarrhea that were not caught will be attributed to a strict reliance on ethanolic beverages when abroad.  So here it all is, via the Scientific American blogs, so you know it’s safe to drink it all in.

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