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Very very funky books

Here's some sculpture that may give the bibliophiles among you a strange feeling.  On one hand, a book, rather than being destroyed, is utterly transformed into a fascinating object that is strangely compelling.  Here's an example, constructed from 3 books, and a link to see more.  The artist, Brian Dettmer, literally carves out the pages leaving text and images to form these very sculptural constructions that basically transform a 2-dimensional medium into something 3-dimensional.  This fellow must have some pretty sharp and pretty fine cutting tools.  Wonder if he's done any botanicals?  HT to Blue Collar Atheist.


Carol Steel said...

Interesting ideas. Amazing to look at an everyday item and see it changed into art. Thanks for sharing this!

Pat said...

You might love this illustrated story from Scotland:

Mystery paper art donations to libraries and museums.

Pat said...

If you wanted a botanical connection, apart from the tree, check the label on the teabag:

"by leaves we live"

My new motto.