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Conflicted - Annoying spammer vs. botanical outreach

The Phactor likes to promote botany to the point of near obsession; it's a life work.  And naturally TPP embraces new techonology whole-heartedly (not really), but realistically you have to consider how other people do things.  And so this brings me to a recent spammer.  Oh, yes, my spam filter nailed him, and generally spammers are exiled to the spam folder for convenient deletion at my pleasure.  However, the project being spammed is probably worthy of support, and supposedly our expertise in plant ID and botanical knowledge is valued and needed.  And that's how it is isn't it?  Someone somewhere still has to know something if you want to use your bloody cell phone to take a picture of a leaf and find out all about the plant.  The Phactor has blogged about similar apps before, here and here.  Do such things promote the ever increasing tendency toward instant gratification where if the answer isn't easily and immediately at your e-finger tips interest is soon lost?  Yes, most certainly.  It's so superficial, but promoting interest in plants is important too.  For now TPP isn't going to endorse this fellow and his botanical e-technology project until a bit more investigation of this annoying fellow is conducted.  If this sounds familiar to any other bloggers, drop me an email with your evaluation or thoughts on this.

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