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Windy day blues

Yesterday was a terribly windy day even by the standards of the upper midwest where it's almost always windy thus explaining all those hundreds of wind turbines standing only a few miles outside our fair city.  Windy days depress the Phactor for several reasons.  Firstly, out estate has lots of big old trees and after every windy day, especially gusty ones, it takes an hour or so just to pick up all the limbs that fall.  Secondly, all kinds of crap blows around in the wind, and being down wind from a hospital construction project, all kinds of construction refuse ended up lodged in our shrubs and trees.  Thirdly, leaves left over from the fall blow all over the place, and most of them seem to land in our lily pond.  Fourthly, as if another reason were needed, and actually the primary reason for disliking wind, the Phactor is quite fond of broad brimmed hats, one might say attached, but while my constant companions, hats are not literally attached, and a short loss of concentration might mean a favorite hat could end up in the next county where it could be found by an agricultural peasant, the kind that thinks grain or tractor caps are stylish.  Now that's scary.    

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