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A few years back a friend gave me a seedling of Magnolia salicifolia, the willow-leafed or anise magnolia. The leaves are narrow for a Magnolia, but not really willow like at all. After 8 years the stick is now 15+ feet tall and a lovely rounded conical shape 8-10 foot at its widest. This is a tree, not a shrub, and it could get quite large (30-50 feet). This spring it flowered enough to hint at how spectacular it will be in full flower. The flowers are about the same size as star magnolia, but with only 6-9 broader petals and a definite blush of light pink. This magnolia is rare in the trade, and most people would not have room for this tree as landscape. Needless to say, we are quite pleased.

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Beth at PlantPostings said...

Very impressive. I wish I had any type of Magnolia in my garden. They're fascinating from their fuzzy buds to their dramatic flowers to their waxy foliage. One of my favorites!