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Guns on Campus

This is such a bad idea it's hard to understand how anyone could defend the idea of allowing students to carry guns on campus. Of course Lincolnland is not Taxes, and lots of stuff seems reasonable down there. Research indicates there are two kinds of guns, those that are designed for hunting and all the rest that are designed for killing people although the former can do this too. So then because the constitution says that well regulated state militia are a good idea, someone thinks that allowing students to carry guns on college campuses is a good idea. Wow! Now first of all you're talking about students, people who have trouble walking and texting at the same time, people that have trouble with making good decisions about all manner of things, and now, in one of the safest over all environments in the country, some lawmakers are thinking about letting them carry guns. College campuses are places where people learn to shoot off their mouths, and that can lead to high emotions, which when mixed with guns is a recipe for trouble, right here in River City. How long before some yahoo decides to show some smart ass that the gun (sword) is mightier than the pen? And when conflicts break out routinely over who just got winked at, stood up, or dissed, well, anything sharper than a tennis ball shouldn't be allowed. Haven't these people seen or heard the crowd when arch rivals play football? They're dangerous only armed with hotdogs. The whole concept boggles my mind.

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