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What's Trump?

The Phactor tries to stay away from commeting on too many current events, especially politics. As a pretty natural cynic, events seldom disappoint me, but the sudden grand entrance of Tonald Drump onto the GnOPe presidential stage fills me with wonderment about how low can the bar be set. Years ago the Phactor told a conservative colleague that no one dumper than Reagan could ever get elected president, but then came the shrub. And then a senile senator selects the dumbest yet running mate, although she's demonstrated a certain low cunning in terms of figuring out what side of the bread the butter is on. No question she like butter and attention. But now Tonald. Anybody who thinks they look good with a silly comb-over isn't very smart, period. And their self image doesn't indicate a mature personality. But once you hear him blather on about anything, anyone who thinks he's viable presidential material has just made an argument in favor of having an IQ test to determine voter eligibility. If you fall for his crap you just aren't smart enough to be voting. Simple minded answers for simple minded people are not a prescription for fixing anything. So for now the Phactor will be sticking with the type of Rockefeller Republican he grew up with, Obama.

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