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So disappointing to learn on a Monday

Certain things should never ever be learned on a Monday morning. Apparently time travel in a meta-material universe is not possible. There are several very disconcerting things about learning this, not the least of which is not having the slightest idea whatever they are talking about. Was time travel apparently theoretically possible in the real universe? Could you use fast forwarding to see the results of your landscaping decisions. Hmm, guess that little patio garden was the wrong place to plant a Sequioadendron. The chaos of my academic life generates a yearning for time-travel to fix up all those little troublesome meta-things that didn't come out right. Return to last wee and grade exams; return to last week and grade exams; return to last week and grade exams. No use; it remains a dismal task. There were a couple of days that the Phactor would have to travel back to time after time after time. Perhaps best to leave well enough alone than to actually effect a change and return, check the tyme and dyscover thyngs not quyte as you remember them. And somethyng useful could have been done whyle musyng about tyme travel. Note to self: drynk your coffee and move on.

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