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Dwarf Alberta spruce advice

A correspondent asks the Phactor, "I would like to create a screen to shield my firewood racks and trash cans from the neighbors. Give me an opinion on whether there is enough space and sun to plant dwarf alberta spruce?"
Here's someone who has not yet read my
10 Commandments of gardening, in particular #8. This conifer is indeed dwart, but it's hard to recommend planting one anyplace outside of a rock garden. They are so slow growing that they won't provide a decent sight barrier maybe ever. And around the midwest they tend to be fussy and prone to spider mites adding to their summer heat misery. Even without consulting the Prophet Dirr, it is written that you won't be happy with this plant. A better choice would be a columnar arbor vitae like 'Degroot's Spire'. The Phactor has spoken.

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