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Tree amputees

As has slipped a few times, the Phactor does not like poodle pruning shrubs, but then this extreme example via the Scientist Gardener. This goes a bit beyond poodling, it's complete amputation! Out and out dismemberment! Maybe they could be made into nifty sundials or a totem poles. In some areas of the world whole woodlands look this way because people searching for animal fodder and firewood repeatedly trim all the small branches off the trees leaving only the trunk and main branches. Spookily unnatural. Now what type of tree can you do this to? Mulberry?

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nycguy said...

As a kid in Germany 60 years ago I used to regularly pass a street called Unter den Katalpen where the catalpa trees looke exactly like that until they leafed out.

It was part of a series of "Unter den ..." streets but I no longer remember the other names.