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RIP Sarah Jane Smith

The Phactor is greatly saddened when people his age die for what ever reason especially favorite ones. It's just way too soon. Of course Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen) was one of the great sidekicks of Dr. Who, played by one of the best of the Doctors, Tom Baker, who in his Dr. persona bore a certain general resemblance (hat, hair, scarf, trench coat) to the Phactor. The Phactor even used to carry sour gummy bears in his jacket pocket (rather than jelly babies). As a scifi fan from way back the discovery of Dr. Who on Aussie TV while on a research stay in Queensland came before the show made its way to USA TV. Ah, but Sarah Jane. What a sidekick. And what a surprise that her obit would appear in our local newspaper. Who knew she commanded such respect. HT to Respectful Insolence for the image.

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