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Sunday morning with cats

You love, and therefore understand something of cat nature, or you don't. Not the simplistic kind of dog love, but a complicated affair that takes some deeper appreciation to love. All our cats have been quite the unique individuals, each endearing in their own way, each returned you affection in their own way. Today after their morning repast, the two felines whose house the Phactors live within have retired to the foot of our bed where side by side (they do get along well for non-siblings) they are napping-bird watching. The fascinating action that is semi-riveting their attention, in between naps, are starlings building a nest. Of course they would prefer the window open, and the screen removed, but having already had one previous cat fall off a porch roof while on starlings in the rain gutter patrol, this is not going to be repeated. Both cat and birds survived unscathed. What a life these cats have!

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