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Plant like an amateur

So you've bought and planted a new tree or shrub, fine. Now take the bloody tag off! Nothing says AMATEUR quite like leaving the tag on dangling like a solitary ornament. First of all, it's easier to read if you take it off, and here's the paradox, the people who need the planting instructions are the people who don't take the tag off to read. So now the Phactor just removes the tag for them and hands it over. Make note: the plant doesn't need the tag; it's for you. If it was too much trouble to remove, then you probably didn't invest enough time planting properly, so maybe you leave the tag on to remind you what it was that died. And this means digging a big enough hole and loosening the root ball especially those plastic potted trees and shrubs. On a slightly more practical note, the cord or wire used to attach the tag can actually girdle the stem. Found a dead branch on an arbor vitae the other day and was amazed to see that it was caused by the loop of silk spun around the twig by a bag worm. So let's shape up people. Do you leave the tags on your shirt or jeans? Do you leave the price tag in the window of your new car? Oh, you do. OK, never mind. ER (eye roll).

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