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Friday Fabulous Flower - ID Quiz

Name this plant. This makes a nice Friday fabulous flower not because it's gaudy, but because it's a much over looked component of our spring woodland wildflowers. So rather than give it away, let's see who's been observant, who's seen this beauty before. And even though natural in our area, the Phactor has only seen it a handfull of times. Maybe it doesn't get noticed because everyone is looking for morels. Hint: Pay close attention to the number of floral parts.


Daricia said...

is it a caulophyllum? giganteum, maybe?

Daricia said...

...probably thalictroides.

The Phytophactor said...

Hey, two guesses! Two guesses! Yes, it took Daricia two guesses. And did you notice the monocot floral features for this nice dicot (barberry family).