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Spring Cleaning Almost Done

Hey, the house can stay a wreck, but our gardens are almost presentable. No matter how many leaves you clean up in the fall, you still end up cleaning up lots more in the spring. Darned oaks. Yanked out lots of hackberry, cherry, and redbud seedlings from various beds and gardens (along with sugar maple, our worst woody weeds). Lots of thing needed replanting to save them from the pond remodeling, to fill in nasty open places, and to redistribute a number of things that have grown too big, not fulfilled their promise, or might like another place better. Bunnies really did a number on the raspberries; might be light crop, but made for easy pruning. But on the other hand some of the spring color beds look fantastic (bluebells, bleeding hearts, celandine poppies and bellworts combination). Redbuds just beginning to show color. Considering yesterday there were snowflurries in the mid-afternoon, today was a complete winner for gardening. Even gave little cat black a nice outing until she slipped her harness. And even better, not for me, but for Mrs. Phactor; tax season is over! Hmm, means she'll want some compensation for keeping the Phactor out of IRS trouble for another year.

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Beth at PlantPostings said...

Glad you had a good day for gardening. Darned Oaks is right! I'm behind on yardwork, including raking up what remains of the pesky Oak leaves. Darned rabbits, too. I'm looking forward to the Redbud bloom--probably a couple weeks after yours blooms.