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Weirdly strange and strangely weird

TPP is suffering from some disconcerting feelings. Usually things just sort of happen and TPP tries to just take them in stride, but nonetheless today feels strangely weird.  Yesterday, Friday, was the last class day of the semester, another fine semester and academic year shot to hell, and rather than just a regular class (Friday 1 pm) TPP took his students to visit the Missouri Botanical Garden, always pleasant and educational thing to do. The seniors also enjoyed having a non-traditional last day to their college career, so a nice symmetrical situation. The weirdness arises because this was TPP's, actually his academic counterpart's, last class ever because he is retiring later this year. Of course the summer will be pretty much the same as always, but it feels quite strange to suddenly realize that this is the terminus of teaching even though the botanical career is not over by any means, and without question TPP, the blogger, is just getting started. So there it is. Somehow the semester and a very long teaching career (over 40 years), at least in terms of actually being in the classroom with students, has ended, and this proves to be sort of surprising in its abruptness in spite of the fact that this was not a sudden or last minute decision. TPP has plans to do something quite different this coming August, something to help his adjustment to not starting another academic year, but until then this will remain something for readers to wonder about. But somehow this actually happened; this is the end (1970), which is actually when it began.   


Anonymous said...

Dear Phyto, may you have many fine days of retirement before you are drafted by some worthy organization in need of your skills (it happens, believe me). In fact you may find yourself retiring again (and again). Meanwhile, enjoy the freedom, hit the blog (we Never want to hear that you are retiring from that!) as we follow you on new adventures.

William M. Connolley said...

Best wishes for a happy teaching retirement, but as per the above, don't stop the bloggin'

ps: I'm slightly curious about "the botanical career is not over by any means" - do you retain an academic, but non-teaching post; do you plan to continue, but without official affilitaion?

The Phytophactor said...

Since you've asked TPP's academic counterpart will have an emeritus position continuing his research, his role as an herbarium curator, and guiding citizen science projects.