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Garden rebuilding - one plant at a time

Nothing like a long weekend to give you enough time to get the garden in shape for the rest of the summer, mostly.  A number of things need almost complete rebuilding. Some new plants, of three different varieties, will start rebuilding a red raspberry bed devastated by bunnies and a hard winter. The asparagus bed will take longer to rebuild because it's hard to get bigger, older plants, so it takes a couple of years to get them large enough to bear a decent crop. Feed them, feed them, and feed them. The privet hedge was cut back and is starting to regrow already. Several almost dead trees are showing signs of life making for some tough decisions; mostly just pragmatic pruning. A Henry Lauder walking stick (a contorted European filbert) is barely showing life, a few live shoots, here and there, on a shrub about 6-7 feet in diameter. Waiting is best as the best decision will probably become obvious whether it just needs some pruning or whether it's too far gone. One new purchase, a Japanese snowbell is just barely showing signs of breaking out of dormancy and growing, and this makes for a bad situation vis-à-vis the nursery's guarantee which they will not wish to honor since the tree is alive, but how much of a tree is a tree?  It remains to be seen. Personally TPP feels he bought a whole one. Fortunately most of the other new plants are doing much better although they all require watering as lack of rain is making things a bit on the dry side. 

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