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Friday Fabulous Flower - bear with me

Oh, yes, you've all seen TPP's tree peonies before, but do bear with me.  These marvelous flowers are only around for a brief time and they are so fabulous that TPP just cannot help himself, and while the same plants, each year they are a bit different.  A couple of days ago the first three to flower, all pink ones, looked great, but now 3 days of rain have ruined the display.  This image was grabbed just before the rain began, and this year the tree peonies were ahead of the fern-leafed peonies.  At any rate enjoy; TPP does. 

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Anonymous said...

I imagine you get tired of my Wows, but much as I covet tree peonies there's no hope. Fern leaved, yes (and they're pretty wowish too), and Japanese peonies do wonderfully (despite the slow ice-out). So thanks for the peony fix.