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Happy birdday, F1!

About 6 hours ago TPP awoke to celebrate the exact anniversary of the F1's birth (about 3:15 AM), either that or TPP had to use the bathroom.  My celebration was joined by the you-should-never-be-in-the- bathroom-alone cat. The actual birth event took place 30-something years ago, no more than a block from where TPP sits (the hospital is across the street) and as a result, this birthday places the F1 and her friends dangerously close to Middle Earth, no, coming of age, no, middle, middle, ah, yes, age!  TPP brings this up to remind this generation that they aren't kids any more and must be thinking about how they will care for their aged parents during the coming years. Later today brats and beer will be used for another celebration, this one without the cat. Now, to complete the celebration, TPP must mow some lawn; a salad is needed to go with the brats.  Nothing but the best for our youngster.

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William M. Connolley said...

> you-should-never-be-in-the- bathroom-alone cat

Nice. We have one, too.