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Cats need more food in the winter?

Here's a report on research that found that cats eat more in the winter, so it recommends we feed them more.  Who wrote this?  A cat? TPP's basic skepticism suspects that our kitty-girls, the ones that think they own our house, have been lying to cat researchers. This is not ridiculous since they lie to us all the time. Have you been fed? The answer is never yes.  Do you want some more kibble? The answer is always yes.  Of course for indoor cats, the temperature is never below the 60s (F) in the winter, and often quite a bit warmer in the summer with people who avoid AC whenever possible. Warmer temps prompt more cat inactivity, but let's face it the basic housecat sleeps away most of the day anyways. So these researchers better watch the sources of their data very closely to avoid false conclusions.  Oh, duh! There must be some sort of cat think-tank out there, like the Heartland institute, that has taken cat money to conduct this study with predetermined outcomes! Follow the money; it will lead to cats!  

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