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Hot dog nostalgia

Upstate New York is where TPP grew up, basically in sight of Lake Ontario, and very few people outside of the "natives" know that Rochester is renown for its hot dogs and its lake side stands.  On a recent visit to the Phactors' alma mater, Oswego State, our first stop was the lakeside stand just west of the campus, Big Rudy's. One of the star attractions at these stands is a fat, white hot [dog], a pork, veal, beef variety in natural casing made by Zweigle's, a sort of local take on a Vienna sausage-bratwurst hybrid (from an amateur's perspective). Now that's fine by itself, but, and this is paramount, it must be grilled (never boiled) and topped by a finely ground beef hot sauce, mustard, and onions. The hot dog should, if properly cooked, pop open and burst from its casing a bit.  Grilled peppers are a nice option, but not required. The best known hot dog stand in the Rochester area is Schaller's (a drive-in - think Happy Days) and how nice to see they are getting their due. Somebody did some diligent research! 

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