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May Day! Gorilla gardening day!

OK, OK, TPP knows it's guerilla not gorilla; thank Captain Ron and Martin Short for somehow implanting that transposition in my head. Elected morons are also trying to declare May 1 Unconstitutional Day of Prayer in the USA, and our nation and the world would be a much better place if only they would embrace May first as Guerilla Gardening Day.  To celebrate you only need go plant something nice on some unused little plot of public land.  Years ago TPP up dug some bulbs while planting something else, and the bulbs, done for the season, were planted along side of a jogging/biking/walking trail, and still they bloom there every spring (they be crocus).  So get with the program and make the world a greener place. This year the Phactors are relocating several dozen old standard hostas that thrived in the shade of several old spruce that were just recently basal pruned, so shade they give no more. Some friends have volunteered to plant some along side a different section of the same trial, and no gorilla could do that.

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Anonymous said...

So many places call out for some gardening elves. Fill those gritty spaces that only bloom with fast food wrappers, empty drink containers (and worse, alas, much worse.) Everyone has plants that need dividing, or take aways from plant sales. Think of it as planting smiles.