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1866 Mississippi River map

Here's an 1866 map of the Mississippi River and you can scroll along its whole length. This is pretty cool, and TPP would like to see the real map. For 15 or so years the Phactors owned a cabin on a bluff high above the river just north of Oquawka, 1595 miles above the river's mouth deep in delta. Way up here the river is no more than a kilometer and a half wide with an average depth of about 44 feet. In spite of all the damage it has sustained, the river is still quite alive with aquatic life and we loved visiting it regularly. It was a very different, and much older, culture along the river as this was the avenue that opened the Midwestern area. This is one of the most rural, and economically depressed, regions of northern Lincolnland.  Finally the cabin became more work than pleasure, so we sold it and converted it into a very nice patio area.

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