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Friday Fabulous Flower -' Lemon Sunset' Evening Primrose

Yesterday was pretty busy, so missed this post
by a day.  A new evening primrose has been added to our gardens making a total of three species, Oenothera macrocarpa (previously missouriensis), O. fremontii, and now O. longiflora.  All of them have fairly large flowers in comparison to the size of the plant. The flowers don't last long and their flowering pattern is often different - the new species opens in the evening and then wilting late the next morning.  All three species seem to like the hot, well-drained margin or tiers of a south facing garden. The two previous species sort of sprawl, but the new species has a dandelion like rosette with a couple of tall inflorescences rising a foot or so above. The corolla is about 3 inches in diameter and you just can't miss it.  The others are quite hardy, but time will tell about this new species. 

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