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Wind power is horrible, terrible, no-good, very bad energy

If there is one thing that conservative politicians in this country are not about, it's conservation, a rather funny and tragic inconsistency.  Here in central Lincolnland wind farms have been springing up all over the place because if there is anything in excess around here, it's wind.  So, quite rationally, and for the good of the country, if the president is for wind power, conservatives are forced to think it the worst thing ever, dirty, rotten, renewable, safe energy.  So go fly a kite!  That being said the following will be no surprise at all and the simple-shallow-thinkers (SSTs) will once again be organized and led around by super-big-money interests that regularly hose these people economically.  So much for a grassroots movement.  Here's the super, double-secret plan as reported at the Guardian.  HT to Greg Laden.

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